Affiliate marketing is a long journey filled with excitement, disappointment, and pride. There is no running away from the disappointments as we all need to make mistakes to learn from them and become better affiliates. By learning affiliate marketing basics and many of its areas, you will avoid making the obvious mistakes that beginners do. … [Read More…] Learn Affiliate Marketing and How to Succeed

82% of B2B marketers [pdf] use case studies as a marketing tactic – that’s a higher percentage than those who blog! In fact, case studies are the second most popular component of B2B content marketing strategies – second only to social media content. The same report marks case studies highly on the effectiveness scale, too … [Read More…] Why Case Studies Are a Marketer’s Most Useful Tool

Twitter’s audience is virtually unlimited, and it’s a great tool for businesses to reach its customers. Do you think that creating viral marketing campaigns is easy? Well, just on the contrary! So we’ve gathered some amazing examples of the year where brands got it going and achieved high publicity. 1. LG LG was faced with … [Read More…] 18 Great Twitter Marketing Campaigns


How many times have you spotted the typical “Sign up” or “Buy now” message? That’s right, consumers are constantly exposed to this type of calls-to-action even if these simply lost their meaning a long time ago. Is your landing page converting few leads? The likely reason is a weak call-to-action. What you need is a … [Read More…] The Power of Persuasion: How to Create a Surefire Call-to-Action

I believe you’ll be in the affirmative when I say: Google’s algorithm puts a PRESSURE on competing web pages. It becomes really hard these days to craft content that both sits well with Google’s ranking factors and user experience. You may be raising an eyebrow or two on who this Brian Dean guy is, but … [Read More…] Brian Dean’s Advice in a Nutshell: Go for User Experience

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2016, the year is rapidly drawing to a close. Before you know it, we’ll be into the holidays, and New Years Day will be looming at the door. Experienced marketers are looking toward the future, therefore, and thinking about the next big trends in social media marketing. Being … [Read More…] The Future of Social Media Marketing: What’s Trending?