Wanted: Hand Talker for Google Driverless Car

Wanted: Hand Talker for Google Driverless Car

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Wanted: Hand Talker for Google Driverless CarAs a commuter on Highway 280 in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve had numerous run-ins with the Google Driverless Car (as well as the Google Maps, mapping cars). The other day my daughters and I ran into the newest version, a customized Lexus RX350. I asked Sophie to take some pictures and shoot a video clip.

What we both found strange was that the driver kept animatedly talking to the passenger – very obviously using his hands to emphasize his excitement about the conversation. When I saw this Tech Crunch post on RIM’s Blackberry “Handset Leak”, I instantly drew a connection.

So I thought, what would the hiring req look like for this job? Here’s my take.

Let me know what yours would say in the comments…

Wanted: Animated “Hand Talker” to Demo Google’s Driverless Car

At Google we believe in innovation. The Google Driverless Car is one of the most innovative technologies we’ve ever developed. It combines our mapping technology, artificial intelligence and advanced automotive design into a forward-looking product that will change the world. In order to showcase this product, we are seeking an experienced “hand talker” who will display the benefits of this technology by driving on Highway 280 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Highway 280 connects San Francisco and San Jose and regularly carries venture capitalists, engineers, corporate executives, tech bloggers and journalists to and from work or other important meetings and events. The ideal audience for showcasing our technology.

  • Must be able to animatedly talk with another person while sitting behind the wheel of the driverless car for at least 60 minutes at a time (on occasion you may have to talk to yourself animatedly)
  • Must be able to keep up enough energy and to act excited and interested (including dramatic arm gestures) during this whole time period
  • Needs to be able to ignore oglers who may take your picture or shoot video of you
  • Prefer someone who looks like an engineer, but not required
  • Driver’s license not required
  • MBA preferred
  • Applicants should request consideration in the comments section below

Here’s the Hand-Talker at work:

Google Driverless Car Hand Talker at work

What do you think?

Google Driverless Car Hand Talker detail

Another shot – notice the upturned hand gesture in this one:

Google Driverless Car Hand Talker still working

See also this video:

You can see some hand-talking if you look carefully…

Video Link: Google Car Video

Have you seen other “Public Displays of Product” designed to get attention?

Let me know in the comments. What do you think of this kind of display?


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