Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business in 2018


Gone are the days when people used to take possession of their mobile devices for merely calling purpose. Mobile devices have revolutionized the way we live and if we look at the world of marketing/business, these devices have shown the dominance there too. Business owners, no matter small or big, downright rely on the mobile for marketing be it for gaining a huge mass of traffic or making people acquainted with their business purpose through ads or content.

The trend is relatively gaining popularity since people are allowed to expand their reach straight away. Seeing the past year’s successful online marketing strategies, it is being predicted that 2018 is likely to continue growing these marketing tips as well.

Putting a light on 2017, 68% of the time was consumed on liking, posting or commenting by Facebook users through their mobile device only. Besides this, notable revenue has been generated on Facebook due to mobile ads only – 88% to be precise. The year has been great for online video contents and the coming year is also expected to have an immense growth towards video stuff. 48% of young adults are reported watching videos via their Smartphone. On a plus, generation of online traffic is predicted to be driven by more with mobile devices than with the desktop.

Going along with the latest trends and learning about them is always a good idea. Therefore, the details of mobile marketing tips for 2018 are listed through the infographic by Filmora. Have a look to build the strategic skills for better marketing.

Featured Image and Infographic Source: Filmora