Favorite Training Programs

The best way to accelerate your growth is to educate yourself via targeted online courses with proven experts. In addition to the knowledge you gain, some of these courses provide you with the opportunity to interact with the expert and with peers (who can become your supporters, partners or customers).

Adwords, Email Marketing

Perry Marshall’s Courses

Perry has some great courses, ebooks and books for Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing and other topics.

Blogging courses

Write Like Freddy (by Danny Iny)

Danny Iny (Firepole Marketing) teaches you how to use his techniques that got him the nickname the “Freddy Krueger of  Blogging” for his prolific blogging and guest blogging

Write Like Freddy Blogging Course






How To Start a Blog That Matters (by Corbett Barr)

For people looking to start a new blog or take their existing blog to the next level.
Build a Blog That Matters






Learn the secrets to consistent and high quality blog posts. Plus additional Traffic secrets and tools.


Guest Blogging (Jon Morrow)
Jon is one of the best Guest Bloggers out there. Learn from the master in this great course.


An awesome curriculum to follow to improve your blog one activity at a time. Make the changes daily or weekly or at whatever cadence works best for you.


Another essential. An insightful and resource-filled guide from the knowledgeable Kristi Hines

Facebook Training

Facebook Ads Insider – Amy Porterfield’s great training (and support group) for Facebook Ads – very powerful for small business (I’m a customer)

FB Influence – Facebook Influence training from Amy Porterfield and Lewis Howes

Pinterest Courses

Pinterest for Business:

Pinterest for Business training

LinkedIn Courses

LinkedIn Training:

Linked Influence – One of the best (or the best) LinkedIn courses available

Video Marketing Courses

Video Marketing:

Video Traffic Academy – James Wedmore’s video marketing course