How to Unfriend or Unfollow Someone in Facebook

How to Unfriend in Facebook (or remove connection)

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If your new friend is using too much foul language, sharing too many political views or pitching you too many products or services (or any of the other reasons people unfriend people on Facebook) then it may be time to drop this new connection!

They don’t receive a notification that you unfriended them, but their are at least two ways they might realize you’re no longer a friend:

  • If they look at their friends list, you won’t be there.
  • If they look at your profile, they’ll see “add as friend”.

So, if you’re ready to unfriend someone in Facebook, here’s how you do it.

Unfriend in Facebook Method 1: On their status update (pictured below)

  • You may see an annoying status update in your newsfeed and decide that “enough is enough”!
  • Hover over their name
  • See the “friends” box
  • Hover over that and see (and click) the “unfriend” link near the bottom

How to Unfriend in Facebook (or remove connection)

Unfriend in Facebook Method 2: On their Timeline

  • Go to that person’s timeline
  • At the top right, you’ll see a “friends” box
  • Hover over that and find “unfriend” near the bottom

Another Option – Stay Friends by “Unsubscribing”

Follow these steps to “unsubscribe” from someone’s updates or to selectively allow or disallow certain kinds of content from them.

1) Click on “Hide” by hovering over the arrow to the right of one of their posts

Unfollow someone on Facebook

2) Click “Change what updates you get from (person)”
Unsubscribe from someone in Facebook

3) Select what updates to receive or completely “unfollow” their news
How to unsubscribe from someone in Facebook

How do you plan to use this? Is there anyone you’re going to Unfollow on Facebook?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I go to high school and it’s an all girls school so the girls there are very fond with the whole bullying thing. The girl that I’m following, is mean to my friends, and is rude to the teachers there. I know it doesn’t make sense to follow someone who is mean to people but when I first met her in dance class, she was a really nice girl, but now that I’ve seen the REALL her, I decided to unfollow her. But before I do, I want to know if when someone unfollows a person, do they get notified?

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