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In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg predicted, “Going forward, a lot of content that people share will be video. It’s just very compelling.” His words turned into reality.

Facebook has grown to be one of the most popular go-to places of online users for their daily dose of video content. The social network giant now has a whopping four billion video streams daily. This figure alone is enough reason for you to take advantage of the growing popularity of Facebook videos to engage and gain more followers.

So how do you make Facebook videos that would get a good number of shares, likes, and comments? Here are some tips:

Tip #1: Know the basics

Let’s start with the basics when producing quality Facebook videos.

Keep it short

Highly effective Facebook videos should be short and sweet. Keep it at two minutes or shorter as much as possible. In most cases, there is no room for cinematic effects and opening credits. Deliver the message early on or else your viewer will stop watching. Remember, the attention span of social media users is short.

Make a powerful start

Catch the attention of your viewers within your video’s first three seconds. The start of your video is the most crucial. This emphasizes the need to captivate the audience so they have a reason to go and watch your videos until the end. Take Buzzfeed as an example; they make powerful first frames to gain interest. No wonder they already have over 6.8 billion video views on Facebook.

Establish a professional image

A professional-looking video is what you want to share. Use good lighting. Make sure the audio is clear and the video is edited flawlessly. A nicely produced video creates a positive impression of your business or brand, so make sure there is quality in what you will give your audience. There are 1.13 billion active Facebook users daily. This represents a huge chunk of customers for your business, and you don’t want to miss the chance to impress them.

Be a tease

Don’t give it all. Think of your Facebook video as a movie trailer—you don’t reveal all the details. Leave something for the viewers to find out themselves. Make them ask for more or look forward to something – a next episode, an upcoming event, or an important announcement. Here is a good opportunity to use a call-to-action button.

Use good title and description

Write a good description for the video. Say something interesting that would trigger curiosity or tell why the user should watch it. Choose a catchy and compelling title that would go along with your description.

Find a nice thumbnail

Don’t forget to choose a good thumbnail. Remember that it’s the thumbnail that the users first see when your video shows up on their newsfeed. Go for an interesting thumbnail that would attract attention and describe what the video is about.

Facebook now allows you to upload your own thumbnail image, so there’s no reason for you to settle with stock photos.

Also, think about users with Autoplay. Make sure there is movement in your video’s first two or three seconds so it could stand out in the newsfeeds and call attention.

Upload your video directly

There are several ways to put the video on your Facebook: embed a YouTube video, share a link from other video services, or directly upload or embed it on Facebook. If you think there is no difference, you better think twice. A recent analysis showed that videos that are directly embedded or uploaded on Facebook are better than embedded YouTube videos in terms of shares, like, and comments.

Remember that you are after audience engagement, so you better consider uploading your videos directly.

TIP #2: Know what you want to achieve

Know exactly what you need to achieve with your video. This would help you identify the best type of message to deliver and the best way to engage your audience through that message. Decide whether you want to inspire, educate, or entertain your audience.

Touch hearts

Inspirational videos are everywhere – from touching accounts of refugees to success stories of different people. It’s more than just a trend; it’s like hitting two birds in one shot – you inspire or motivate people while sharing your business values. The world needs a lot of positive, uplifting, and inspirational messages these days. Treat your followers by giving them a nice once through a good video.

Be of value—teach!

Use videos to educate your audience. Make an instructional video or a timely informative guide. Make sure your video is highly useful and relevant to the needs of your audience; show something new that they can learn and make them feel the need to share it to other people.


People use Facebook for entertainment. If you want to entertain your audience, make informal, light videos that are relevant to the ‘wants’ of your audience. Make them smile and laugh; create something fun and spontaneous to catch their attention and satiate their need to be entertained. Brighten up their day, and you’ll reap your reward soon.

Tip #3: Explore your video options

Let’s go to the more technical aspect. Explore your video tab to see what options you have to improve your Facebook videos.

Make a playlist

Creating a playlist is one great option. It allows you to have better control of the viewing experience of your audience as they watch your videos. Make several playlists out of your videos so you can strategically group your videos according to content and category while making it easier for people to find related videos.

Add a call-to-action

The “Watch Video” call-to-action appears on your Facebook cover image. It draws the attention of your visitors to a video on your website. When you use this option, it would be smart if your cover photo is relevant to the video content.

When posting a video, hit the appropriate call-to-action button that would lead the user to a certain page on your website. Options include “Shop Now,” “Book Now,” “Learn More,” “Sign Up,” “Download,” and “Watch More.”

Feature a video

If you want a certain video to be more prominent than the others, make it a featured video. The video will appear larger on your Videos tab and will be placed prominently above the About section. This option lets you promote your most recent video or a big event you’re holding.

Your Facebook video could be the key to your online success. As you only have a few minutes or so to catch their attention, you need to give more thought on your video marketing efforts. Put it on the back burner, and you’ll surely lose the opportunity to connect more with your audience.

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