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Technology has changed almost everything today. Everything that we do has a certain influence of technology in it. Social media greatly influence people these days. Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms both for individuals and businesses. Anything people do or feel, they share it directly on Facebook and, that’s what Facebook asks you “What’s on your mind?”. Initially, Facebook was used solely for enhancing social connections. However, with time Facebook has evolved into a platform that performs much more that just allowing people to connect with friends and family.

Facebook has now become the most established platforms for businesses to promote themselves as a brand. As Facebook is the most commonly used social media platforms, it is increasingly being used by businesses to enhance their relationships with their existing as well as prospective clients. Branding on Facebook helps businesses in enhancing their growth. With the customer community becoming more aware and Facebook launching reaction icons, it is important for companies to post sagaciously. A mistake in posting on Facebook can render irreparable damage to your branding strategy.

The few common mistakes are listed below. So people who market their products or services on Facebook must not make these mistakes and learn from them.

Marketing of merely products/services

This is the most common mistake that marketers make. They solely concentrate on promoting and talking about their product or service, this puts the reader off and they do not feel much interested in reading the post or watching the activities of the company. When they are only focusing on promoting their brand on Facebook, what they forget or ignore is that they are not building a value or relationship with the readers. So, what is more important is to make relationships with the customers so that they feel interested in knowing about the product or services. When the customers feel connected to the brand, they tend to purchase products and do it often. It is important to engage users through interaction on Facebook. This will result in stronger relationships with customers. Building strong customer and reader relations on Facebook is the sole driving reason for success.

“Likes” are not a sign of popularity or success

Facebook likes are usually considered as a sign of success and popularity. But, this is one greatest misconception Facebook marketers have. Though more likes mean that people are reading the posts, but that does not always mean that they are reading the entire post. They might just hit the like button on Facebook, but might not be influenced to buy the product. Rather than focusing on likes, one should track the number of shares they get. If people are sharing the posts with others, it means that they are popularizing the brand and this acts as free and extended marketing. A Higher number of shares implies more publicity and success. So, focusing on the shares is much more important as more shares means that the posts are reaching out to more people using Facebook.

Not interacting or responding to the comments and conversations

Facebook marketers think that their job is to post and leave it to the readers while the thing they need to do is actively responding to their readers. This can serve as a great tool to build consumer relations. When one replies to the Facebook comments, they can further interact with their readers and influence them. This way they can also clear all the doubts and queries of their customers. So, one should check their Facebook brand page regularly and also keep in check the consumer reactions. Those pages that are inactive do not get much readership. So, it is crucial to keep the page very active so that there are many Facebook likes and shares. This way people will be able to see the pages trending and they will become famous. So, active participation is necessary. Facebook is known for frequent posting so one has to keep up with that.

Self-Bragging is a threat

The basic goal of Facebook marketing is to spread enough popularity so that people are cognizant of the brand and its products. However, the truth is that over doing anything will spoil it. For example, if the post is too verbose about the product then the readers tend to think that they are bragging and the post is untrue. So, the Facebook marketing team has to make sure that they speak subtly about their products on Facebook. They should make the readers feel good after they see the post. They should talk about the product, but what they must do is to show the customers the benefit they will gain. If the customer’s benefit is well portrayed then it is easier to convince them as they anyway only view the product on their Facebook page. On the flip side, if they concentrate solely on selling their goods, then all their efforts might go in vain. One needs to be cautious and also plan things effectively in order to attract their customers from Facebook.

Consistency is very important

Facebook marketers need to know that in order to stay in the viewer’s mind they need to post consistently and frequently on the Facebook page of the business. They must keep posting to keep the viewer well informed and also influence them each time they post something new. This will slowly build a trust and people would want to purchase the company’s goods and services. Consistency is the key to success on Facebook. Marketers who do not post frequently would soon find out that not many people are viewing or liking the post. This means that they have forgotten about the company and thus, it would imply that the company has to start all over again to make a place in the minds of the consumers. Also, it is researched that the best time to post is usually towards the weekends. The best days are Thursday and Friday as more people log on to Facebook and use it. Weekends are also the time when people splurge and indulge in shopping. So, if the post is new and has likes already, it would become easy to convince them to purchase them. So, the key is to remain consistent and think strategically to earn many likes and shares.


The last thing one needs to know is that the same thing will not necessarily work with everyone. So, one need to analyze and evaluate the ways that work out the best for them. If Facebook marketers can learn from the common mistakes, then they can become better marketers and achieve results effectively and in the lesser span of time. The marketing industry is blooming and one can learn a number of Facebook marketing techniques to become successful on this platform.

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    But I think avoiding the mistakes listed in this post is usually a good practice.

    Some time ago there was a big flame about one of my posts because I used an ad from Frank Kern talking about “Billion dollar swipefile … breakthrough innovation … etc.”. I’m sure that ad worked extremely well from Frank. Yet I’m sure that for 99% of the advertisers using stuff like $25M pdf report would not work and would make them look not trustworthy

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