5 Best Tools for Guaranteed Email Creation and Deliverability

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Email marketing has been made easier these days with all the high technology gadgets and software applications that can be used, as well everyone’s common love for social media. For a more effective business, email marketing is used to be able to reach out to customers and new clients.

For you to use email marketing to the fullest advantage, you have to be backed up with a strong messaging and emailing strategy, as well as well-planned processes and data collection techniques and styles. This will also help you be ensured that your messages are delivered straight to your customers’ inbox. Read on and learn about some tips and tools that can help in your email marketing and to ensure the fast creation and delivery.


Make use of tables and create consistent layouts

For your emails to look attractive and presentable, you need to exert effort in designing. A good-looking email can be more effective in triggering the right response from your chosen audience, which is why you need to put a lot of thought into the design and layout. But then, when you use tools like Outlook, your styles and positioning will be stripped off from your email. So you can still maintain the consistency of your email’s layout, always specify the width of table data ().

Always be mobile-friendly; your emails should always be responsive

Almost 53% of users are reading their emails from mobile devices, which is exactly why you need to be mobile-friendly when creating emails. One way to be more responsive is by adding media queries to your codes. Unfortunately, these queries from codes are not supported by email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo!

Limit self-promotion

When sending emails and newsletters, you have to make sure that you are not going overboard with selling and self-promotion. Soft-selling and doing special offers are okay, but always put a limit. If all you are going to do with your newsletters and emails is to sell, your audience will surely get sick of it and unsubscribe.

Double check and test before you send your emails

After making sure that the content and layout is great, you can now try to validate and test your emails with the use of live devices. You can also try web preview services just like Litmus or Email on Acid. These services can be very helpful as they test screenshot for more than 50 different email clients, including desktop, web-based, and mobile clients). This final step for email creation is crucial so that you can see whether your email is ready and presentable enough to be seen by your audience, and to see if it is available for different clients.


Infrastructure aspects affect deliverability

When you’ve had your infrastructure configured and maintained professionally, it can help in ensuring high rates of deliverability. Here are also other factors that can affect deliverability:

  • IP Addresses – You can have the choice to request for an exclusively dedicated IP address from your email client, or you can also opt for the standard IP pools which are shared. Some email providers send your emails according to volumes and reputation, so choosing shared IP addresses can be beneficial for you. If you choose this option, it will help you prevent uneven sending volumes and any other mishaps when delivering emails. A dedicated IP address will be advantageous for experts in email marketing who plans to have steady volumes of sending emails.
  • Secure infrastructure – Relying on a secured infrastructure is very important. You can do this by following the best practices of physical security and networks so that you can avoid unexpected users from having access. It can also help if you search more on infusionsoft vs. ontraport comparison.
  • Feedback loops and Authentication – You have to ensure that your sending domain can receive emails and has valid DNS record types. You should also sign up for ISP Feedback Loops since it has the major ISPS which helps you act on complaints more effectively. If you don’t have the Feedback Loops, you can choose to have “postmaster” and “abuse” mailboxes which you need to monitor regularly.

For authentication, it is the process of validating your emails to ensure that it comes from you and applies to transactional and promotional emails. Although it does not ensure delivery, it can help ISPs in differentiating you from the spammers and hoax senders.

Email deliverability rates: Your contribution

Relying on those tools mentioned above will help in making work easier, and less hassle, but the deliverability of your emails is still not 100% guaranteed. Although service providers can be a big help by controlling spam and bad emails, you are still the sole responsible for everything you send, including the contents and to whom you send them.

Avoid getting into third—party marketing lists because it can affect your deliverability. You should also see to it that you are complying with the law; study local laws about email marketing especially for audiences in different countries or regions. You should also have a link for your subscription centers for every email you send. It helps in improving your reputation as a legitimate company.

Past Engagements helps in Future Deliverability

You have to create emails which have engaging content and are relevant to your audiences for them to be interested and to keep them from unsubscribing. Give them a reason to look forward to opening your emails because if your subscribers are going to ignore them continuously, they will soon be forwarded to the spam folder.

Frequency of email sending

You have to send emails frequently, but not too much to the point that you’ll get more unsubscribers instead of getting new subscribers. One factor is the content, as said earlier, it should be relevant emails are received and read by your audience. You can have it once a week, save up all your contents and updates and put it in one email so that your subscribers won’t find you annoying, too.

Design and Coding of Emails for optimum deliverability

For emails, you have to design it according to standard rules. You also have to fulfill requirements from email clients and even mobile apps. Some best practices will ensure you of sending emails, including the use of the standard width for designs and having just the right amount of images, sticking with system fonts, and keeping a good balance of the text-to-image ratio.

Check your List Cleanliness and Spam Score

You need to keep track of your spam score since that can cause your sender reputation to go lower. Check for spam complaints and bounces, and make sure you get high levels of engagement. Tools like SpamAssassin can help keep track of individual messages’ spam scores. Your score should be as close to 0, as possible because if it goes higher, your contacts might not receive your message anymore.

You can also make use of list cleaning services by your email service provider so that you can maintain its cleanliness. You can also use marketing automation tools to help you in suppressing bounces and opt-outs.

There is no step that will guarantee 100% deliverability of your emails every time. You need to work hard and by following the tips and using the tools here, you will be on your way to getting high deliverability rates.

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