How Incorporating Video Content into Your Content Marketing Strategy Can Do Wonders

Internet is flooded with millions of articles. In an era of information overload where your audience is already thrashing about in a deluge of content, how can your content hope to stand out in the crowd?

If you want to stay ahead of the game in this highly competitive digital realm, start incorporating videos into your content marketing strategy to yield high-quality and engaging content. It’s no secret that video content is burgeoning at an exponential rate and the statistics clearly show that it is becoming one of the best and most effective marketing mediums out there. In addition, it doesn’t break your bank, is easily accessible to everyone and when this strategy is executed right, it can generate the best ROI for your painstaking efforts.

If your brand is still not harnessing the power of video marketing, now is the time to update your content marketing strategy and start investing your time and energy towards creating more video content! Since clearly, it is not a tactic to be overlooked.

In order to successfully integrate videos into your content marketing strategy, here are a few witty hacks that can help you create the most engaging video content:

Incorporate Videos in Your Landing Pages

Search engines are rewarding video content more than ever, which is why more and more brands have started using video content on their websites to improve their search engine marketing efforts. A study has revealed that adding a video to your website can greatly increase your chances of being ranked across the top of search results.

If you want to drive high ROI, it is important to create video content that provides real value to consumers while solving their pain points. A software company Autopilot leveraged the concept brilliantly and added a video to their landing page, as a way of explaining what the software is all about and the benefits of lead nurturing.

Another great example of video landing page is TapInfluence, an influencer marketing platform that clearly explains the concept of influencer marketing through an animated video to entice their prospects to convert. They cleverly explain how their product works.

Users are keen to know what your brand is all about, what services and products you offer and how to use them. If users aren’t able to understand how your products work, why would they stick around to learn more about them? Therefore, it is advised to offer a concise, clear, and obvious solution that users can easily grasp. Inserting a video can serve this purpose.

Check out this great example of Pou-Pourri.

The brand placed a video on their landing page in order to go in-depth about their product, so that users can easily understand when and how to use their products. In short, the video is a perfect yet effective medium that can convey a complicated message in a more appealing, easy and digestible way.

Videos can also enforce a strong CTA. Take a look at Minimal.  Once the video is completed, it gives users two choices, “take a tour” or “buy now”.

Have a look at Prezi.

They intelligently placed an introductory video below the CTA button to persuade users to click through to see how it works.

Create a Stronger Customer Connection

In this content riddled world, capturing the ever-diminishing attention span of audiences is trickier than ever. Videos have a real power to grab more consumer attention than any other medium. But sadly, many brands are of the opinion that it is not necessary to use this effective marketing tool. If truth be told, video marketing is a great investment of your time, energy and money.

Your competitors might have a strong online presence, email marketing, and a blog, but perhaps they are not capitalizing on video marketing. You have a tremendous opportunity to make the most of it. As the digital world is becoming saturated, keeping up with the Joneses has become critical to staying ahead of the pack.

Video content is the key to driving big-time engagement. In order to reach more new users, start creating and posting videos on your social media networks, since social media users are about 10 times more apt to engage, share and comment on video content than blogs and other types of social media posts.

A survey suggests that 53% consumers prefer to watch more video content from brands. According to recent statistics, more than 5 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube. If your brand is not harnessing the power of video marketing, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to tap into a massive audience base. Since video content can help you create strong emotional connections, and drive maximum website traffic, it will eventually help you generate leads, sales, and more ROI.

Higher Conversion and Retention Rates

Believe it or not, video is a great way to convey your brand message and convince users to convert. But if the message is not compelling enough, it won’t leave a lasting impact. Video has a greater ability to convert more and more customers, so using it in your content marketing plan is a sensible approach.

A survey suggests that 44% of buyers prefer to binge on online videos to discover a brand and search for products and services. 53% of users contact brands after seeing their video, while 51% actually go ahead and peruse the business website. To educate masses about your products and services, make sure that your website integrates stellar video content. After watching a video, viewers are 85% likelier to make a buying decision and most spend 100% more time on pages that have video content.

A research suggests that 71% of digital marketers believe that video conversion rates supersede other marketing content. Therefore, you need to provide video content for your audience to enhance the value they drive from your brand. Regardless of whether the video is all about how your product works, what your company does, how your brand solves the pain points of your customers, or simply serves to entertain your viewers, it is important to engage your audience and make them feel more confident about making a buying decision.

Focus on the “done right principle”. As your video content not only needs a smart strategy but also careful execution. Despite whether you are a SaaS company, an ecommerce brand, web design agency, a real estate business, or a mobile app development company, you can capitalize on video content to promote your products and services in a plethora of innovative ways.

To Conclude It All

Video marketing can work wonders. It can greatly help brands reach a wider audience, generate more traffic, conversions and sales, and set your brand apart from competitors. Today, it has become necessary to engage your consumers with high-quality videos to achieve your content marketing goals and take your brand to unprecedented heights of success. So, start embracing video marketing today to get coveted results.

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