How Content Marketing Compares to Traditional Advertising [infographic]

Content Marketing is a growing and powerful way that businesses of all sizes can use to reach their customers. As compared to traditional advertising, the focus is not to “interrupt” the user with a brand message. With content marketing the goal is to educate the potential customer, engage with them, build a relationship, and draw them closer to the brand.

How are companies using Content Marketing?

To implement a Social Media strategy, the types of tactics being used by businesses include:

  • Social Media (79%)
  • Article Posting (78%)
  • In-person Events (62%)
  • eNewsletters (61%)
  • Case Studies (55%)
  • Blogs (51%)
  • White Papers (43%)
  • Webinars/Webcasts (42%)
  • (see the rest below – click to enlarge)

Content Marketing Infographic

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  1. Tom~

    This info graphic is invaluable. Thx for sharing.

    Some take-aways we’ve been learning:
    * Learn to use content marketing strategically with an editorial calendar built around but not enslaved by sales funnels and offerings.
    * Get ultra-clear on brand story and brand persona to create a “content filter” – i.e., something that helps a company decide whether or not to move forward with a piece of content.

    Thanks, again,

  2. Marketing has changed a lot and to be successful in it one has to deliver what people are looking for when they’re searching the internet. Interesting and useful content is the best way to attract customers where as it is quite difficult to attract people through traditional market.

  3. I find that the use of infographics are more helpful than just plain text. Maybe it’s because I more of a visualizer than a reader. I like reading but reading with art and graphics just helps out a whole lot. I reserve my imagination for good literature from John Grisham or Tom Clancy.

  4. Advertising and marketing have truly evolved as technology evolved. As long as it is legal and proper, content marketing and traditional marketing are really important.

  5. content marketing develops trust by providing the buyers with information that will help them to make right decision
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