7 Keys to Generating High Webinar Engagement Levels

In addition to the right topic and doing the right preparation, one of the most important elements of a successful webinar is getting strong audience engagement. Getting people who are attending your webinar to comment, participate and pay attention will better position you to meet your webinar goals. Here are 7 keys to increasing webinar … [Read More…] 7 Keys to Achieving High Webinar Engagement Levels

webinar tips and tricks

If you’re considering running webinars for lead generation, it’s essential that you focus on quality. There are a lot of other companies competing for attention so people will tune out or leave your broadcast quickly if you don’t consider these 5 webinar tips for success: Dedicate enough time to preparing your script and presentation Be prepared … [Read More…] 5 Webinar Tips to Follow for Lead Generation Success (Infographic)

Webinar best practices

Webinars can be very powerful marketing tools (which is why so many companies are doing them). When starting out with webinars, there are several areas where people have misconceptions. They include the following: Registrants versus actual webinar attendees: Not every registrant attends your webinar. According to ON24’s research, about 42% of people attend a typical … [Read More…] 6 Key Webinar Attendee and Registration Statistics

Social Media Speakers

By Jonny Curran I like the 2010 study by the University of Maryland that suggests that social media services may be addictive and that using social media services may lead to a “fear of missing out,” also known as the phrase “FOMO”. In the past companies had considerably more control over how they were perceived … [Read More…] How Social Media Speakers Can Help A Business To Market Itself More Effectively


I recently attended a conference where one of the keynote presenters didn’t have a prepared talk. Instead he decided to “riff”. I’ve seen him present two other times. The first time (on his way up, I suppose), he had a prepared presentation. The last two times were basically ad hoc tips and advice. Here are … [Read More…] 5 Reasons Why I Dislike Watching Presenters Who Riff

Webinars are a great way to market your business, to grow your list, to educate prospects (and clients), and to make sales. But don’t take the planning process lightly, or your webinar won’t bring any of the benefits that you’re dreaming about. I’ve worked with people who’ve been stingy on invites or optimistic on their … [Read More…] Webinars for Marketing and Sales – 9 questions you have to ask before you present