Twitter’s audience is virtually unlimited, and it’s a great tool for businesses to reach its customers. Do you think that creating viral marketing campaigns is easy? Well, just on the contrary! So we’ve gathered some amazing examples of the year where brands got it going and achieved high publicity. 1. LG LG was faced with … [Read More…] 18 Great Twitter Marketing Campaigns

10 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Twitter

1) Billions of Tweets! Twitter started off pretty slowly. It took a total of 3 years, 2 months, and one day to get to the one billionth tweet being sent from the day Twitter first started. Twitter now averages OVER 1 billion tweets sent per WEEK! 2) Twitter is not dominated by the USA You’d … [Read More…] 10 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter

What is a hashtag

How did the hashtag come to be such a powerful tool? It’s used to bridge TV and social media (see the Fallon/Timberlake example below), used by advertisers (e.g. Super Bowl Ads), used for online conversations (See Twitter Chats) and used as a backchannel for discussions at conferences. See the infographic below to learn how the … [Read More…] What is a Hashtag? And where did it come from? (Infographic)

Companies using Twitter for Customer Support

By Alexis Caffrey The sheer success of Twitter’s recent initial public offering (IPO) on Wall Street highlights the significance of the niche that this micro-blogging and messaging social network has managed to carve for itself. At a time when 53% of all businesses in the United States are using social media as a customer service channel, … [Read More…] Five Twitter Accounts That Give Great Customer Service

#podcast hashtag statistics

Using hashtags on Twitter is a great way to let people know that your article pertains to a specific topic that they might care about. There are actually people who track certain hashtags or search Twitter using hashtags that they care about. Let’s take a recent post for example. It’s a guest post by Ryan … [Read More…] How to Pick a Twitter #hashtag for Your Blog Post

Improving your Twitter Click-through Rate

Guest post by Alex Clifford Twitter – the ultimate in condensed content. Your 140 characters are as precious as gold dust. You have to hook in those people like a shepherd with a crook. Until recently, I just tweeted whenever I liked. The problem is I had no way of tracking what had happened – … [Read More…] How to get an 18% Twitter click-through rate