Guidelines for Effective Social Media Branding

Nowadays, having a strong social media presence is a must for every business or brand. This can be useful for customer acquisition, reputation management, customer service, public relations and networking. Here are some guidelines for effective social media branding: 1. Select the right platform When it comes to selecting a social media platform, you need … [Read More…] Guidelines for Effective Social Media Branding

How to Make a Flawless Social Media Marketing Strategy

The internet has integrated itself so deeply into our lives today that everything we do, think about or plan to do is strongly influenced by it some way or the other. Unlike the old days, the internet has also proven itself a strong competing ground for businesses in every domain. And with the growing competition … [Read More…] How to Make a Flawless Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media

Visual content has become an essential part of how we do marketing today. This is especially true about social media strategies. Social media is all about consumer engagement. It doesn’t matter how valuable the information you have, if your target audience doesn’t decide to consume it. You need to really hammer the nail home to … [Read More…] Using Visual Content to boost Social Media Marketing

Social Commerce

If you think social networks are mainly a place for recreation, socialization and sharing’s sake, then know that you are wrong … not for long, though. The commercial dynamics arising from these channels are growing faster and faster: traffic generated by social networks towards e-commerce is the one with the highest percentage of growth between … [Read More…] Social Commerce: Much more to know beyond Facebook Carousel

Effective Social Media Presence

Running a social-media campaign successfully takes time and effort. For a startup it is really challenging to invest a lot of time to create a strong social media presence, but there are no shortcuts. You can use a few social media tools to save time, then again they are meant to help you become agile … [Read More…] 3 Things Startup Businesses Must Consider to Create an Effective Social Media Presence

Social Media

E-commerce has completely changed the face of shopping experiences. Where window shopping has become a forgotten dream, men and women and even children prefer shopping online or at least search the products online. According to a US-based research study, almost 39% Americans ‘like’ Facebook pages just to research about new products or keep themselves updated … [Read More…] 5 Social Media Strategies to Revamp Your Online Store