Effective Social Media Presence

Running a social-media campaign successfully takes time and effort. For a startup it is really challenging to invest a lot of time to create a strong social media presence, but there are no shortcuts. You can use a few social media tools to save time, then again they are meant to help you become agile … [Read More…] 3 Things Startup Businesses Must Consider to Create an Effective Social Media Presence

Social Media

E-commerce has completely changed the face of shopping experiences. Where window shopping has become a forgotten dream, men and women and even children prefer shopping online or at least search the products online. According to a US-based research study, almost 39% Americans ‘like’ Facebook pages just to research about new products or keep themselves updated … [Read More…] 5 Social Media Strategies to Revamp Your Online Store

Marketers are largely investing on social media marketing to grow their business. According to a Social Media Examiner report, 92% of marketers out of 2800 surveyed in 2014 said that social media marketing is crucial for their business. The report also indicates that 80% of marketers found social networking helpful in increasing their website traffic … [Read More…] 5 Social Media Tools Startups and Small Businesses will Find Helpful


Social media is a very powerful tool that companies can utilize to connect with their audience and grow their business. But in order for social media use to be successful, a social media plan must be in place. A social media plan must stem from a strategic analysis of your company and your social media … [Read More…] How to Conduct a Social Media Analysis in 7 Steps

5 Things You Need to Consider Implementing a Small Business Social Media Strategy

Gone are the days when the only way for business owners to earn and engage customers was the door-to-door marketing tactic. Although, there are a few owners who still believe in traditional marketing, the majority of the businesses are now adapting to this innovative trend called social media marketing. Small business owners usually have more … [Read More…] 4 Things You Need to Consider Implementing a Small Business Social Media Strategy


Social Media Examiner just released their 2015 Social Media Marketing Report and the findings are very interesting for anyone marketing their business online (which should be almost any business these days).  Grab a copy of the report. The major takeaways include the following: 1) Social Media is critical, but ROI measurement is still tricky Social … [Read More…] 2015 Social Media Marketing Statistics: Social Critical, but ROI Measurement Elusive