Facebook has more than two billion monthly users at the moment, and that number is growing as we speak. It became the most popular social media for advertising ever since they introduced the Facebook Ad service. With super refined algorithms, your ads will appear in numerous feeds, and many users will show interest in your … [Read More…] 11 Tricks to Create Great Facebook Ad Designs

Are your social media marketing efforts going to pay off? (infographic)

You’re just about to launch (or are already running) a social media program. Use this decision tree to determine whether you’re doing enough to get a return on your efforts. In this infographic, you’ll find the key ingredients include: Enough patience to allow it to develop A dedicated resource Willingness to share others’ content Willingness … [Read More…] Social Media Marketing Go / No Go Decision Tree (Infographic)

Massive List of Infographic Submissin Sites

If you produce infographics, a key element of the distribution process is to submit them to infographics sites. These sites will display your infographic and help your work reach the widest audience possible. Here is a Listly list of Infographics Submission Sites. Make it even larger by submitting relevant sites that you use! [listly id=”3VY” … [Read More…] Massive Infographic Submission Sites List

Content Marketing is a growing and powerful way that businesses of all sizes can use to reach their customers. As compared to traditional advertising, the focus is not to “interrupt” the user with a brand message. With content marketing the goal is to educate the potential customer, engage with them, build a relationship, and draw … [Read More…] How Content Marketing Compares to Traditional Advertising [infographic]

To lend perspective on your social media marketing efforts, it helps to understand the size and growth rates of the different social media platforms. The following infographic helps you understand where the different platforms fit into the social media pantheon. Some highlights include: The Size Leaders: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ The Rising Stars: Foursquare, Instagram and … [Read More…] Social Media Statistics 2012 (Infographic)

Small business owners regularly spend time in social media according to a recent survey by Vertical Response. In fact, 66% of small businesses are spending more time than they did a year ago and their social media budgets are increasing. Where do Small Businesses spend their time? 90% do Facebook marketing Almost 70% are on … [Read More…] Small Business Social Media Statistics (survey)