Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of constructing a website in a style that allows it to place higher on a search engine results page (SERP). Ostensibly a site ranked near the top of a SERP, as opposed to those with a lower ranking, will attract more visitors and subsequently more customers. SEO has … [Read More…] Essential SEO Metrics You Need To Track

Google is famous for its unpredictable algorithms. Even the savviest SEO experts can be left baffled following an update. When it comes issuing penalties, Google takes no prisoners. They’ve even penalized themselves not once, not twice, but five times! In the past decade, we’ve seen Google grow from a simple keyword search machine to an … [Read More…] 5 Search Ranking Factors Startups Shouldn’t Ignore

Be it launching a new website or promoting a new blog post, one the most effective techniques that can help you to create brand awareness and improve your ranking on search engines is SEO. SEO helps you not only optimize your site for search engines, but it also helps you capture the attention of your … [Read More…] 75+ Simple Tips To Improve Your SEO Campaign (Infographic)

We had a client who had a major website redesign as the year 2015 ended. Come the last few days of December, his traffic significantly dropped from the average daily of 500 visitors a day to 1 visitor recorded in a day post-launch. Yikes! Are you experiencing the same issues? Website redesign is not all … [Read More…] Website Redesign: SEO Issues You Should Recheck

With each passing year, digital marketing is getting more and more sophisticated, creating the need for equally sophisticated tools. One may have an excellent marketing strategy, but in the absence of right tools implementing those efforts will get challenging severalfold. The same way, right tools without proper planning and strategizing will prove no good. Strategizing … [Read More…] 6 Tools to Organize and Optimize your Digital Marketing Strategy

  No matter where you go looking for information on blogging and SEO, you’ll always find a common piece of advice: write for people, not search engines. It sounds simple in theory, but what about rankings? You can write for people, but it doesn’t do them any good if your content is buried under a … [Read More…] How Advanced SEO Makes Your Content Shine (For Readers and Search Engines)