Sales Tips

If you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s no faster way to send people running than to try and sell them something. Of course, you need to “try” to sell something in order for your business to be successful. Even with inbound marketing, which is the least invasive of online business promotions, you run the … [Read More…] 3 Follow-up Hacks To Avoid Annoying Your Sales Leads

Sales Tips

Prospecting is a fundamental step that salespeople have to execute effectively in order to achieve better results. Defined as the process of qualifying leads who have demonstrated the desire to make a purchase decision, prospecting plays a crucial role in influencing client’s decision. This is the reason why it is important for salespeople to get … [Read More…] 8 Ways to Prospect More Effectively (Infographic)



  Conventional wisdom suggests that when you don’t get enough sales from your website, you probably need more traffic. However, a careful analysis will tell you that actually you do not need more traffic. What you need is to improve your conversation rates. While your site is getting good traffic, somehow this traffic is not … [Read More…] Are You Doing These 5 Things to Increase Sales on Your Website?

They say a company’s network is their net worth. Connect with more people and they’ll find their way to more opportunities for sales, more job openings, and even more connections. Typically, emails are now the traditional means of communication and are the most common way to introduce two people. This is an easy process, however; … [Read More…] 9 Tips on Etiquette of an Email Introduction

Managing a sales team is not an easy task. The sales manager is responsible for hiring sales people, training them, keeping track of their progress and ensuring that the company’s sales target is achieved. However, due to the intense pressure involved, it is very easy to make mistakes which could have detrimental results. Here are … [Read More…] 9 Blunders to Avoid in Sales Management

  Holiday sales are vital to the success of any retailer, on any platform. They can carry a consumer into the rest of the year, and it would behoove you to utilize stress-free guarantees to sell the goods. Offering a guarantee during the yuletide season will make your products and services more attractive to stressed-out … [Read More…] Jingle All the Way: Bring Your Sales Over the Holiday Line With Guarantees