Bring Your Sales Over the Holiday Line With Guarantees

  Holiday sales are vital to the success of any retailer, on any platform. They can carry a consumer into the rest of the year, and it would behoove you to utilize stress-free guarantees to sell the goods. Offering a guarantee during the yuletide season will make your products and services more attractive to stressed-out … [Read More…] Jingle All the Way: Bring Your Sales Over the Holiday Line With Guarantees

9 Mobile Lead Generation Strategies for

Mobile lead generation is rich in data and thrives on the connectivity only the internet could provide on its various platforms. While the PC continues to be king in all methods of outreach from businesses online, exposure through mobile platforms and the consumption of digital media on-the-go has been on the rise for years, even … [Read More…] 9 Mobile Lead Generation Strategies for Startups

Negotiation for Consultants

Post by Davis Miller Most consultants are used to attending business negotiations, taking into account that their job requires bargaining skills. Their goal is to create very effective strategies for their customers, including strategy development, negotiation execution, and project management. However, tricky negotiation strategies need to be used every now and then, especially if you … [Read More…] 10 Tricky Client Negotiating Strategies for Consultants

Five Obstacles to Every Sale #Zig Ziglar

Here’s the quote for this Friday in honor of Zig Ziglar’s passing: “Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.” Zig Ziglar ________________________ Thanks to Denise Wakeman for her social media picture tips! Quote via: Hubspot Tom Treanor Tom Treanor is the founder of the Right Mix … [Read More…] The Five Basic Obstacles to Every Sale

getting more customer enquiries

You don’t need me to tell you how powerful a business blog can be at generating traffic to your website. So that traffic should be turning into a bunch of customer and client enquires, right? Unfortunately, usually not. Many businesses with blogs that generate thousands of visitors a week still get only a trickle of … [Read More…] How to generate more customer enquiries from your blog. Way more.


This post is one of the resources that complements the awesome new manifesto from Danny Iny (The Naked Marketing Manifesto). Get your free copy at: Now, read on… __________________________ We’ve all been there. We stare at the sales page. We read every bullet. Analyze each component. Each bonus. Each benefit. Each testimonial. The guarantees. The … [Read More…] Do You Know Your Product’s Risk-Reward Ratio?