15 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Bloggers

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Pinterest is a bit of a revolutionary way for us to consume Web content – especially for visually based learners. The easy scrolling through images and captions makes it easy to pick out what is interesting and relevant versus just noise – and the share-ability of things is unrivaled in its simplicity. There are so […]

4 Metrics to Measure Your Pinterest Marketing Success

Pinterest Metrics

By Yo Noguchi Pinterest is without a doubt one of the most powerful social media marketing tools for small businesses. According to comScore, Pinterest users spend more money and purchase more items than users on the other top social media sites. For these reasons alone, small businesses can’t afford to not have an active presence […]

Pinterest – A Sleeping Giant in Internet Marketing

Pinterest - a Sleeping Giant in Internet Marketing

Guest post by Vincent Clarke Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media networks – taking only 3 years to reach 25 million users – and yet it is still underutilized by content marketers. Despite being dependant on your target demographic, Pinterest can be an enormous source of traffic, and is compatible to more […]

11 Ways To Maximize Pinterest Pins of Your Blog Content

11 Ways To Maximize Pins of Your Blog Content

I started my Pinterest boards as a way to learn about the site. While the big news about Pinterest was that its primary audience was mid-western women, I found that a west coast entrepreneur could fit right in. I found it ideal to use Pinterest as a content curation tool – basically it’s a great, […]

Pinterest Tutorial: How To Fix Your Pinterest Picture Problem

How to fix this Pinterest Problem!

Pinterest is a great social media platform for businesses of all types. But, if you’re using it for business, you want to make sure your content is optimized for pinning by others. Making sure your Pins look great is key to increasing Pinning which will also increase traffic to your site. So, using this post […]

Pinterest Statistics, Demographics and Usage (Video Infographic)

Pinterest Statistics - a marketers guide

This is a nice example of a video infographic that provides statistics and user data for Pinterest. It includes information about.. The people who pin: Female vs. Male Age and Income Level Unique Visitors Pinterest’s growth rate Business on Pinterest: Amount of referral traffic versus Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Major companies on Pinterest How to […]

How to Pin to Pinterest if there is no Picture (Tool)


If you’re using Pinterest to curate content (click to see how), you sometimes run into a great blog post that doesn’t have a picture or has a picture that is too small to pin. Thanks to Maggie McGary over at Social Fish, I learned about a great tool (Shotpin) that I now use for pinning blogs […]

5 Pinterest Tips for Visually Engaging your Niche Audience

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Guest post by Caeden M MacGregor Pinterest is the newest social media craze—capturing the attention of over 3 million unique visitors with its mainly female fan base. I admit, I was sucked in for about 4 hours the first time I logged onto the visual social sharing platform that blends my love of curating my photos […]

3 Ways to Use SEO and Pinterest To Grow Your Blog or eBusiness

Pinterest and SEO for business

Guest post by Kristina Holmes If you manage a niche blog or an eBusiness, you probably already know about the importance of developing and implementing a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign that includes targeted keyword research and link building. 1) Keyword Targeting on Your Site Keyword targeting involves compiling a list of targeted words and […]

How to Add Text to your Images

how to add text to pictures

With the 1-2 punch of Facebook and Pinterest driving a more visual online experience, creating pictures with text on them has become a standard part of any marketer’s online arsenal. So just how do you add text to a picture? 1) Presentation Tools: One way is to use a presentation tool like Microsoft Powerpoint or […]