Live Streaming - Best Tools & Ideas for Marketers

During the last few years, the new trends in digital marketing have led to “live” streaming. Video marketing has advanced and is still evolving today. It enhances the experience of the user and provides a better experience for the person doing the streaming and for the viewers. This is the reason it’s becoming more popular … [Read More…] Live Streaming – Best Tools & Ideas for Marketers

The Customer Service Target Market Support Assistance Concept

Recently my colleague and I walked into a restaurant, but it was not what we wanted. So we walked out. Simple story, right? Except it’s not. Walking out of a restaurant is actually really hard. Especially a nice restaurant. And we walked out of a very nice restaurant. Let’s look at it in detail… We … [Read More…] Embracing Engagement: How to Attract the Right Customers

5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Efforts Should Focus on Trust Over Traffic

Getting more people to visit your website is a good thing. More visitors will ultimately turn into more conversion. However, if you really want to optimize your conversions, your digital marketing efforts need to focus on developing trust rather than simply boosting traffic. When you develop trust, build strong and effective communication with the people … [Read More…] 5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Efforts Should Focus on Trust Over Traffic

Mobile Marketing Campaign

The customer is always right—and they should always come first. Retailers, online sellers and service providers all place emphasis on customer-centric strategies, and mobile marketing has only increased the game’s limits. Becoming customer-centric isn’t difficult, and mobile devices carry a slew of options for crafting the perfect consumer-positive model. Right now, great solutions exist. While … [Read More…] Five Tips to Create a Customer-Centric Mobile Marketing Campaign

How We Increased Conversions From 25% To 45%

Onboarding – you don’t hear an awful lot about it. I guess it’s not “sexy” enough. But let me tell you – there’s nothing sexier in business than increasing the number of people who go from trying your product to becoming paying customers. Nothing. It’s a huge, overlooked metric/process and it’s time someone started talking … [Read More…] How We Increased Our Trial To Paid Conversions From 25% To 45% In One Month

5 Steps To Better Online Privacy

Whether you are a private individual or representing a business or organization, your privacy and online security can be extremely important for both your emotional and financial well-being. There are people out there who would like to tear you down or try to profit off of you, and you just can’t let that happen. For … [Read More…] 5 Steps To Better Online Privacy