The Ultimate Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist (Infographic)

Crowdfunding Checklist

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds for a product, cause or artistic endeavor. But you need to treat the launch of a your crowdfunding project like a major campaign, which means that there are a lot of moving parts. Follow this detailed checklist for your crowdfunding campaign (and don’t forget to see this […]

Can Sales and Marketing Work Together? Lessons from #CMWorld Twitter Chat

Can Sales and Marketing Work Together?

How can sales and marketing work together? Does sales “get” content marketing? Do marketers deliver what sales needs? These are the types of questions addressed in the recent Content Marketing Institute Twitter Chat on Content and Sales hosted by Carla Johnson. It was a compelling chat packed with insights from Carla as well as the […]

6 Easy Steps to Make Your Business Locally Famous

6 Local Marketing Tips

If a good chunk of your customers come from your local area, then you should be taking some steps to make your business “locally famous.” It’s not difficult, but it does take consistency and commitment to build your company’s reputation in your local marketplace. The great news is that very few of your competitors are […]

6 Marketing Ideas Small Business Don’t Usually Try (But Can)

6 Marketing Ideas Small Business Don't Usually Try (But Can)

Post by Rohan Ayyar Running a small business shouldn’t be difficult. Profiting from small businesses doesn’t have to be a lifetime task that drains your energy and sucks your soul. Yet, for most small businesses owners and management, that’s exactly how it is. It’s taxing, it’s a soul-sucking monster, and it demands more than it […]

5 Apps To Test the Mobile Compatibility of Your Site

mobile friendly websites

It is the era of Mobility. Today, every website, big or small, new or old is inspired to have its own mobile version. While developing these versions, it becomes necessary to check them on different mobile devices for their compatibility issues – how would the website appear in each of the mobiles the world over. […]

How to Make Your Landing Pages Pack a Punch

Landing page strategy

Post by Guy Asher You’ve got a killer product or service. Now what? You need a landing page. Landing pages are essentially pages that help turn prospects into customers. An effective one will move people from being tire-kickers to being lukewarm prospects. Done poorly, however, a landing page will cause your bounce rate to skyrocket. Here’s […]

10 Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

website conversions

Post by Sonia Jackson In today’s world, it’s quite easy to find webmasters completely obsessed with the idea of increasing the amount of traffic their website sees on a regular basis. They think it’s the only formula to improve their sales, but that’s not true. You can easily improve your sales not by increasing the […]

6 Reasons Why Your First Ecommerce Business Failed

eCommerce Business Failure

Post by Adam Green Ever since the dot-com boom of the nineties and the realisation that the owner of the online business (an insurance comparison company starring a meerkat) is in fact number 158 on the 2013 Times Rich List with a net worth of £550 million, a lot of people have had the […]

Is Your Website Optimized for Mobile Visitors? (Infographic)

Is your website optimized for mobile visitors?

I’ve been talking with a lot of clients about mobile lately, so it seemed appropriate to lend some perspective to the current situation based on real data from real sites (versus surveys or large aggregate data about mobile usage). The fact is, our sites are being increasingly accessed via mobile devices, primarily smart phones and […]

How to Make a Trackable QR Code for Your Business Card (and other marketing collateral)

QR Code for Business Cards

One of my clients asked me how to make a QR code for their offline collateral – including business cards, brochures, flyers and posters – that customers can use to go to my client’s website via their smart phones. Here’s how you can set this up in less than 30 minutes (and for free). You […]