Many organizations, in their growing years, suffer from what can be only called, ‘complacency’. They do not see the desired return on investments, their team is not growing as much as they’d want it to, and there is an inherent lack of motivation within the organization. If you are facing any of these challenges, do … [Read More…] How to lead a radical change in your organization?

Being a manager implies setting goals and figuring out steps towards their achievement. One of the greatest obstacles on this way is losing the balance between the amount of freedom your employees use in order to talk about work-related issues and the force field around you. Here are 5 things happening every day and little … [Read More…] 5 Things You Do To Kill Your Teams’ Motivation

“Thought leaders do not become thought leaders by trying to be one; that’s an external focus that only satisfies the ego and blocks true enlightenment on any subject. A thought leader has a singular, internal focus on achieving mastery of a particular discipline.” – Sam Fiorella   Thought leadership has become quite the buzzword in … [Read More…] 4 Key Strategies for Demonstrating Superior Thought Leadership

Everything we do in our lives is governed by the decisions we make, whether they are big or small decisions. Decision-making affects people in many different ways. Some are skilled enough to take on this task and handle it properly. Others push it to the back of their minds, and others merely moan and groan … [Read More…] How to Achieve Self-Confidence While Making Important Decisions

7 Productivity Benefits of Work Breaks

Staying healthy and happy keeps us productive. Consider these 7 productivity benefits of taking breaks from work. 7 Reasons to Bring Back the Lunch Break from Wrike The 7 reasons breaks improve our productivity: 1) Healthy food boosts your energy 2) A change of scenery helps you focus 3) Exercise boosts your productivity 4) Socializing … [Read More…] 7 Productivity Benefits of Breaks From Work

When starting any new venture, motivation can be one of those things that can either help or hinder your progress. When your motivation runs dry, you ponder giving up. When you get inspired by others who’ve done it before, you push just that much harder. See the following quotes on how to launch a startup … [Read More…] How to Launch a Startup w/ 31 Quotes (Infographic)