7 Startup Funding Options (Infographic)

7 Startup Funding Options (Infographic)

If you’ve got a great idea and the start of a team in place, then the next step is often funding. There are several ways to finance your new startup including: Bootstrapping Crowdfunding Friend and Family Traditional Lenders Angel Investors Incubators Venture Capitalists See the following infographic for details about each. If you have any […]

5 Managers From Hell (and Lessons You Can Learn)

Managers from Hell

We’ve all had managers who were tough to work for. Many of us have also been managers ourselves. For those who are managers now, do you think you’re easy to work for? Take a look at these 5 types (and the real life stories that inspired them) and see if you’re one. Are you… The […]

5 Ways To Make Your Employees More Effective

Employee productivity

Improving productivity does not always involve making financial investments or offers to your employees. Often, there are underlying issues in the manager/employee relationship that can cause strain on the effectiveness of work produced during office hours. For small businesses having the right employees and getting the most out of them is crucial to your success. […]

When we seek power…

Seeking power to solve problems

When we’re looking to solve a problem. To achieve a goal. To heal a wound. We look for something with enough power. Will it suck up all the dirt? Will this be enough to reduce the swelling? Is it going to lag when going up hills? Is it going to be bright enough? Will it […]

How Passionate Are You To Win?

Do you have the passion to win?

Guest post by Michael Neuendorff I don’t watch a lot of sports on TV or listen to it on the radio, but I am a fan. I’m a sports fan because I like to see amazing achievement when it matters. I like to see the indefatigable pursuit of a worthy goal. The laser-like focus of […]

What’s the Value of Your Unfinished Projects?

What's the value of projects you don't finish?

If you’re like me, you have a virtual (or real) warehouse of unfinished projects. Can you calculate the value of those projects based on percent of completion (e.g. $20K product x 90% complete = $18K)? No, unfortunately not. In most cases you can’t sell an unfinished project. Yes, you can “part it out”. In physical […]

Are you taking your business onward and upward?

grow your business..today!

Are you doing the things needed to take your business to the next level? Are you taking action or waiting on the sidelines? Are you investing strategically in your capabilities and supporting technologies? Are you taking reasonable risks each day? Are you using coaches or mentors who’ve “been there”? Are you doing away with unnecessary […]

The Best Excuses We Tell Ourselves To Avoid Blogging

blog procrastination

We’re often our own worse enemies. One day we set out to do something, like a renewed commitment to blog regularly. Then the next day we argue with ourselves and provide excuses as to why it would be better to blog tomorrow than today. Here are some of the top excuses I’ve used (or heard […]

7 Examples of Creativity To Get You Thinking…

creative blog ideas

If you have a blog, then I’m sure you realize that you need to be creative in order to stand out. Sometimes the ideas just don’t flow – we all need a creative kick in the pants every once in a while! Take a look at these ideas below to get some inspiration and while […]

6 Ways Creativity Can Be Your New Secret Marketing Weapon

creative blog posts

Content Marketing has become a critical component of the marketing mix for businesses of all sizes and types. In fact, it’s so popular that the “content competition” will get tougher and tougher. It will be harder to stand out unless you find ways to separate you company’s content from the crowd (see Darwin’s 12 Rules […]