Does Google Hate Guest Blogging?


Guest blogging is a common way to get exposure in a niche, to build better connections with other bloggers, and to get backlinks to your own blog. But…does Google hate Guest Blogging? But will the backlinks from your guest posts on other sites come back to haunt you when Google’s next algorithm change hits? Will […]

Why I’m no longer monogamous with you, my dear (blog)

Frau in Tränen mit Blumen und Schere

I have a confession to make to you. My dear blog. I’ve been cheating on you. Yes, I’ve now written several guest posts on other blogs. I’ve even had writing relationships with Copyblogger, Problogger, Firepole Marketing,, Basic Blog Tips, Social Buzz Club and some others we can talk about another time.. Sorry.  I’m really sorry. But […]

6 Little-Known Reasons Guest Blogging Is Essential To Your Development


Guest blogging is a hot topic these days. I can see why. Because it works. People like Jon Morrow (BoostBlogTraffic), Danny Iny (Firepole Marketing), Leo Widrich (Buffer), Kristi Hines ( and Ann Smarty (SEOSmarty) have used guest blogging to get huge amounts of exposure for their brands and tons of additional traffic for their blogs […]