google street view vehicle

Living in the San Francicso Bay Area I have the opportunity to bump into Google vehicles here and there. Here are some shots of Google’s most famous vehicles. I’m including shots that I took of the Google cars as well as some of the Google Jet and Helicopter. What vehicle do you think Google will … [Read More…] Google Vehicles: What’s Next?

…and when will that change ?   There’s a strange thing happening on Google. Despite the huge press for Google Plus and its incredible, unprecedented growth, marketers and businesses don’t seem to care about it. Yes, there are some great Google Plus business pages being created but the collective market just isn’t interested (at least … [Read More…] Why Are Marketers and Businesses Ignoring Google Plus?

guy kawasaki, chris brogran google plus

Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki are big believers in Google Plus. So much so that they think businesses should get started today, while Google Plus is evolving. Don’t wait for everything to be figured out by Google…and by your competitors! How Does Google Plus Compare To Facebook? According to Guy Kawasaki, Facebook is for connecting … [Read More…] Google Plus for Business – Guy Kawasaki & Chris Brogan