How to use Facebook video to engage your audience

Back in January, Facebook reported seeing 100 million hours of daily video watch time. You can only imagine that the figure is even higher today. Videos are increasingly popular on the platform, so it would be a shame to completely miss out on that opportunity for your brand. You can choose between featured videos, live … [Read More…] How To Use Facebook Video To Engage Your Audience

Facebook Marketing Blunders

Technology has changed almost everything today. Everything that we do has a certain influence of technology in it. Social media greatly influence people these days. Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms both for individuals and businesses. Anything people do or feel, they share it directly on Facebook and, that’s what Facebook … [Read More…] Facebook Marketing Blunders You Don’t Want to Make in Future

Facebook Big Data

Facebook has become the granddaddy of user data. The voracity of the social network’s data-collection and the sheer number of users—over 1.5 billion—make it a go-to for digital marketing and data science. When it comes to data science training, Facebook is a case study. According to Facebook’s analytics chief Ken Rudin, “Big Data is crucial … [Read More…] How to Effectively Use Facebook Data in Your Marketing

The Difference Between B2B and B2C Facebook Advertising

B2B and B2C business types approach Facebook advertising strategy differently, and both audience types expect something different from these companies. So what makes B2B and B2C advertising so different, even when it’s on the same platform? Check out these subtle differences between B2B and B2C Facebook advertising and start optimising your strategy. Informative content or … [Read More…] The Difference Between B2B and B2C Facebook Advertising

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Types

With Facebook’s proliferation of ad types (and rules), it can be quite confusing for the typical business just getting started. The guide below provides ad sizes, dimensions and other specifications for Facebook’s varied advertising units including: Page Like Ads Page post text Ads Page post photo Ads Event Ads Offer Ads Mobile News Feed Ads … [Read More…] The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Sizes

Teens Leaving Facebook

We produced this infographic exploring the recent trends for teenagers related to Facebook and Social Media. We all hear anecdotally about the movement of teens to other (often mobile-centric) Social Media platforms. So what did we discover? For Facebook North American active users numbers are declining The average age of Facebook users has risen from … [Read More…] Are Teenagers Abandoning Facebook? #Infographic