You’ve worked hard to produce great content and designed a stunning blog that provides an amazing user experience. You’ve added various opt-in forms and CTAs all over your blog hoping to turn your readers into subscribers. But it just doesn’t work. Why does it happen? It can be frustrating to invest in various opt-in tools … [Read More…] 7 Email Opt-In Mistakes To Avoid On Your Blog

It’s painful for e-commerce businesses to lose a sale just when they are about to get it. Imagine a customer who has items ready for purchase. He only needs to make a few clicks, and it’s a done deal. But for some unknown reason, the story changes. Your customer abandons his shopping cart. The average … [Read More…] The Most Profitable Email Automations Every Ecommerce Store Needs

Email Marketing

In today’s business world, there are a wide variety of marketing strategies to choose from. The expansion of social media and content marketing had little effect on the use of email marketing. In fact, most businesses still utilize email marketing, not only for sales pitches and advertisements but also to build relationships and encourage customer … [Read More…] 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

Email marketing has been made easier these days with all the high technology gadgets and software applications that can be used, as well everyone’s common love for social media. For a more effective business, email marketing is used to be able to reach out to customers and new clients. For you to use email marketing … [Read More…] 5 Best Tools for Guaranteed Email Creation and Deliverability

Your offline store feels separate from your internet site in many ways: it’s made of concrete and plaster, for one thing. And sometimes, it can feel that your customers are living in two different worlds. Your in-person customers love to browse and talk with you about the best deal. Your online customers fly in, make … [Read More…] How to Integrate Email Marketing with Your Offline Marketing Strategy