4 Domain Name Tools to Get the Best URL and SEO Benefits


Welcome to Internet Marketing Lesson #1! In this series I’ll be going over the essential elements needed to market your services or products business online – in order from zero to your first sale! I’ll document the steps I go through and tell you which tools I use to get started, to get ramped up, […]

What’s in a Domain Name? A lot!

choosing domain names for your business

It’s funny. Since domain names are so inexpensive (less then $10/year in most cases), people take buying and using them pretty lightly. The reality is that the non-financial costs and benefits of a domain name far outweigh their price tag. Why do I say that? The Cost of Keeping the Wrong Domain Name: Your domain […]

How to Protect Your Brand Online for $99

Computer Security

The other day I was looking for a way to protect a client’s brand online by reserving their brand name in the various Social Media sites. Two things struck me like a brick: 1) There are a lot of Social Media sites out there! If you consider the biggies you’re talking about at least 20 […]

How independent consultants shoot themselves in the foot

My name domain name

Many independent consultants spend a significant amount of time marketing themselves and in sales calls.  Some are die-hard independents, others are spending time between full-time positions.  Whether you’re a die-hard or pop into independent consulting when you make a transition, you’re probably shooting yourself in the foot.  How?  You’re wasting time by not creating a […]

How to choose the right domain name


I’ll refer to a previous post on “Why a domain name is important” but will keep this one short and sweet (like your domain should be, ideally).  When the internet first started, domain names were usually short and what you wanted was usually available.  Then, during the dot.com bubble, domain names became a valuable commodity […]

Why a domain name is important to you…


Domain Name – Easy to get but long-lasting value (or damage) For a small business, a domain name is one of those things that’s easy (and cheap) to get but that you’ll be stuck with for a long time.  If it’s a good name, that’s a great thing –  it will be visible and prominent […]