The 3 Step Strategy for B2B Content Marketing

The 3 Step Strategy for B2B Content Marketing

There are broadly two benefits you can hope to get from content marketing for your B2B business: Get to know who could be your potential targets so that you can reach out to them for business opportunities Establish a brand and credibility for your business, so that relevant people can recall you when they need […]

5 ways to improve your online copywriting

Online Copywriting

By Guest Author Online copywriting is very different to print copywriting. Your readers are less attentive, and these days they’re reading your content on smaller and smaller devices. Here are 7 ways to make your online copy work harder… 1) Keep it short and sweet There are 2 key points which should guide your online […]

8 Examples of Content Marketing in Traditional Industries

8 Examples of Content Marketing in Traditional Industries

Content Marketing is not just for marketing firms or tech companies. More “traditional” companies can take advantage of great content that engages, entertains or informs potential customers and drives some percentage into the company’s sales funnel. To coincide with my hosting of Content Chat, I’m providing a few examples of content marketing in traditional industries. […]

Content Marketing: The 6 Secrets to Contagious Content

content marketing: contagious content

If you’re creating content, it pays to take the time to develop the most contagious content possible. Creating and publishing large amounts of average or below average content (let’s be honest now…) more resembles a dreaded content farm than a compelling well of resources that brings visitors to your site over and over again. Oh, […]

4 Creative Ways to Churn, Reuse, and Duplicate Your Content Marketing Efforts

Reuse your content marketing

Post by Rohan Ayyar Traditional marketing was – and still is – expensive. It’s also a vague shot in the dark, practically speaking. Then came the Internet, bringing online marketing with it. Digital marketing ought to have been inexpensive, practical, and result-oriented. It allows for inbound marketing and other much better ways of marketing. Content […]

6 Things Good Content Marketing Can Do for Your Business

6 Things Good Content Marketing Can Do for Your Business

Guest post by Ryan Currie Content Marketing is more than just a buzzword, it’s an essential tool for your business. Whether you own a small company, are working on a startup, or your business is booming like never before, you need to invest in smart content marketing now. Here are a few things a coordinated […]

Can You Measure Content Marketing & Social Media ROI?


Guest post by Michael Higashi The catch phrase of 2013 seems to be “Big Data” – the concept of how massive amounts of strategic data collection (can you say “google”), analysis and targeting can generate huge ROI for businesses. I’ve written how I believe technology for marketers has finally caught up (technology-wise and cost-effectiveness) to […]

7 Ways to Promote Your Book Online and Offline

7 Ways To Promote Your Book Online and Offline

Guest post by Alex Clifford Writing a book is tricky, but promoting your book is even harder. How can you get people to read it, buy it and spread the word? In pre-internet days the power was in the hands of book reviewers and publishers. But now you connect with so many extra people, it’s easier […]

Podcasting: the Godfather of Long-Form Content Marketing

Podcasting: the Godfather of Long-Form Content Marketing

Guest post by Ryan Hanley Many businesses struggle to find the deeply invested audience that will become brand ambassadors and repeat customers. These are the high margin clients… They buy the platinum package, the extend-warranty and the VIP face-to-face service agreement. The “Golden Leads”… Attracting targeted, high margin clients like these are why many businesses […]

4 Natural Urges to Suppress When Marketing Online

Urges to Suppress Marketing Online

Talking with companies of various sizes, from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies, I run into a lot of familiar patterns. It turns out that human nature is pretty consistent, no matter how large or small your company. If you went to a networking event and started overselling your company to everyone you met, you’d […]