We all grew up listening to ‘once upon a time……happily ever after’ kind of stories. Regardless of what the story was, we would be sucked into it right from the beginning because of the way storytelling managed to grip us. As we grew up, the element of storytelling starting, waning and things got more mechanical, … [Read More…] How to Use Storytelling to Engage Your Blog Readers


Blogs have become an essential aspect of any successful business marketing plan or strategy. They have changed the way we communicate and share information. And they have significantly increased the ability for businesses to reach a large target audience. To begin, you will need to have educated and experienced writers. Writing for a blog or … [Read More…] 10 Best Editing & Proofreading Tools Every Business Blog Should Be Using

Business Blogging Interview

I was recently interviewed by Media Shower as part of their Expert Interview Program. The topic was business blogging and how it helps companies (or people) to be more successful. Please click here to see the full interview. *********** In addition, here are some of the biggest mistakes I see newer business bloggers do. I’d … [Read More…] Business Blogging for Success & Biggest Mistakes (Interview)


As I mentioned in the post about blog promotion strategies, each blog post is a mini-campaign. With this infographic, you can see 24 different ways to optimize your blog content form maximum SEO, social media shares and reader satisfaction. Some important blog writing tips include: Use visuals in your post to increase social shares Strategically include … [Read More…] 24 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post (Infographic)