2015 Social Media Site User and Traffic Statistics

Social Media Statistics 2015

As we’ve just started with 2015, here is a summary of the latest figures and announcements of the major social platforms through December. This can help social media marketers to set their priorities in terms of which platforms to focus on. Facebook Statistics 1,39 billion monthly users, including 745 million that connect via mobile devices […]

Picking Neil Patel’s Brain: 41 Power Tips and 7 Favorite Tools

Picking Neil Patel's Brain: 41 Content Marketing Tips

I had the opportunity to see Neil Patel tonight in San Mateo (hosted by the Silicon Valley Innovation Center) with a colleague from Wrike. Neil is the co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg and blogs at QuickSprout. It was in some ways like tapping into his brain for 45 minutes – he really holds nothing […]

How to Find a Startup Co-founder (Infographic)

How to Find a Startup Co-founder

When you have a startup idea that you think is a winner, often the biggest missing element that keeps you from moving forward is finding a co-founder. This can be one of the hardest parts of actually getting a startup moving from idea to project. Often people need someone with complementary skills. In other cases, […]

31 Ways to a Blog Post Idea

31 Ways to a Blog Post Idea

It’s important to provide valuable content to your readers on a regular basis. They’ll take something away and you’ll get the benefits of a broader social presence and the opportunity to rank in the search engines. But some days your inspiration for a great blog post ideas may dissipate… With that in mind, here are […]

7 Keys to Achieving High Webinar Engagement Levels

7 Keys to Generating High Webinar Engagement Levels

In addition to the right topic and doing the right preparation, one of the most important elements of a successful webinar is getting strong audience engagement. Getting people who are attending your webinar to comment, participate and pay attention will better position you to meet your webinar goals. Here are 7 keys to increasing webinar […]

What is a Hashtag? And where did it come from? (Infographic)

What is a hashtag

How did the hashtag come to be such a powerful tool? It’s used to bridge TV and social media (see the Fallon/Timberlake example below), used by advertisers (e.g. Super Bowl Ads), used for online conversations (See Twitter Chats) and used as a backchannel for discussions at conferences. See the infographic below to learn how the […]

5 Webinar Tips to Follow for Lead Generation Success (Infographic)

webinar tips and tricks

If you’re considering running webinars for lead generation, it’s essential that you focus on quality. There are a lot of other companies competing for attention so people will tune out or leave your broadcast quickly if you don’t consider these 5 webinar tips for success: Dedicate enough time to preparing your script and presentation Be prepared […]

150 Killer Blog Post Ideas for 2015

150 Killer Blog Post Ideas

As you do your content planning for the new year, it’s a great time to breathe some life into your business blog with some completely new types of content. Here are 150 post ideas by type (and with some examples) to inspire you to succeed with you content marketing in 2015! Bookmark it or save […]

6 Major Marketing Trends for 2015

6 Top Marketing Trends for 2015

For 2015, what are the trends that will continue to dominate the marketing landscape? Six of the big ones include the following (slightly re-arranged from the infographic below). Mobile focus Need for better, seamless collaboration Visual marketing Storytelling, humanity and humor Acting on (not just collecting) Big Data Innovative content distribution (to power content marketing) What […]

55 Marketing Trends for 2015: Which ones will matter?

2015 Marketing Trends - Vote for the biggest ones

Wrike has collected 55 marketing trends that are potentially going to have a large impact in 2015. Which marketing trends are going to have the biggest impact? “Upvote” the ones that you think are going to move the needle. And which ones do you think are minor? Feel free to “downvote” those. To participate in […]