2015 Social Media Marketing Statistics: Social Critical, but ROI Measurement Elusive


Social Media Examiner just released their 2015 Social Media Marketing Report and the findings are very interesting for anyone marketing their business online (which should be almost any business these days).  Grab a copy of the report. The major takeaways include the following: 1) Social Media is critical, but ROI measurement is still tricky Social […]

The Only Social Media Etiquette Rule You Will Ever Need

The Only Social Media Etiquette Rule You Will Ever Need

How many times should you post a day? How should you share? How many hashtags is enough? You’ve undoubtedly seen at least one etiquette post about social media, I’ve even done an infographic on the topic. There are so many “rules” for social media: post multiple times a day on Twitter, but keep Facebook posts […]

10 Odd Things You Didn’t Know About YouTube

10 Odd Things About YouTube

I don’t have to tell you that YouTube is a strange place: it’s full of cat videos and the stuff your drunk uncle uploads after a binge. With 300 hours of video uploaded per hour, yep, some of that stuff is WEIRD. This article may not touch on every weird thing you’re found, but it […]

7 Statistics Every Social Media Marketer Should Know

7 Statistics Every Social Media Marketer Should Know

To achieve social media success in 2015 and beyond, marketers must understand their audience, their behavior towards different social media platforms, as well as how these platforms have evolved throughout the years. With this, it is important to keep up with important numbers that would help online marketers strategize better. Here are 7 statistics that […]

24 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post (Infographic)


As I mentioned in the post about blog promotion strategies, each blog post is a mini-campaign. With this infographic, you can see 24 different ways to optimize your blog content form maximum SEO, social media shares and reader satisfaction. Some important blog writing tips include: Use visuals in your post to increase social shares Strategically include […]

10 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter

10 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Twitter

1) Billions of Tweets! Twitter started off pretty slowly. It took a total of 3 years, 2 months, and one day to get to the one billionth tweet being sent from the day Twitter first started. Twitter now averages OVER 1 billion tweets sent per WEEK! 2) Twitter is not dominated by the USA You’d […]

12 Blog Promotion Strategies For Each Post

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.15.00 AM

Blog posts are not just “content” to fill your blog. To really be successful with your blog, treat each post like a mini-campaign. You’ve already taken the time to determine what to write, to have written the post and to select (and possibly pay for) post pictures. So take the time to promote it as […]

10 of the Best Content Marketing Books

Best content marketing books

A content marketer’s skill set is broader than just writing. They need to be versed in design, SEO, social media marketing and a host of other disciplines. With that in mind, Wrike pulled together a slideshare of 10 of the best books for content marketers. Not all of them have “content marketing” in the title! […]

9 Mobile Lead Generation Strategies for Startups

9 Mobile Lead Generation Strategies for

Mobile lead generation is rich in data and thrives on the connectivity only the internet could provide on its various platforms. While the PC continues to be king in all methods of outreach from businesses online, exposure through mobile platforms and the consumption of digital media on-the-go has been on the rise for years, even […]

How to Launch a Startup w/ 31 Quotes (Infographic)

Launching a startup

When starting any new venture, motivation can be one of those things that can either help or hinder your progress. When your motivation runs dry, you ponder giving up. When you get inspired by others who’ve done it before, you push just that much harder. See the following quotes on how to launch a startup […]