How to Get More Blog Post Shares (Infographic)

Get blog post shares

When we go through the effort of creating a new blog post, we want to make sure that the world can find it. In order to get more social media shares of our blog content, there are a few things we can do to help. In the following infographic you can find several great ways […]

13 Blogging Statistics That Show Why You Should Blog


Is it hard to convince your boss, your employees or yourself why you should be blogging? If so, check out the following blogging statistics that show how powerful a business blog can be. They include facts such as: 80% of blog visits are new (awareness) 53% more traffic (awareness) Posting every day generates 4x more […]

11 Critical Elements of a Winning Blog Post

essential blog elements

The business blog is often under-utilized and misunderstood within many companies. What’s often lost is how important it can be to support SEO, social media, branding and thought leadership for the company (for more, read the full post on “The Misunderstood Blog’s Place in Your Marketing Strategy“). Once the blog’s place is understood, an important […]

50 Productivity Tips to Get More Done

Productivity Tips, productivity hacks

We all would love to be more productive so we can get more done in the time we work and end up with more free time later. But sometimes we run out of ways to achieve this. In this infographic from Wrike, you can see 50 productivity tips in the areas of: Increasing focus Saving […]

5 Business Blogging Myths That Will Hold You Back (Infographic)


Your business blog can be one of your most valuable marketing assets. It can improve your search engine optimization. It can drive awareness of your company via social media shares of your content. In addition, it can establish you as an authority in your space. but certain myths and misconceptions may stop you from taking […]

29 Awesome Sites for Free Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos

Great images can do a lot for your blog posts. They get attention when people get to your site and they really help your content do well in social media (because of the combination of great headline and great visuals). Stock photos can start to add up though, especially in larger sizes! 29 Free Stock Photo […]

10 LinkedIn Tips for Marketers or Sales


LinkedIn is a great platform for marketers or salespeople (as well as speakers, job hunters and for business networkers in general). But despite its simple appearance, there are several hidden capabilities that can boost your presence and ability to use the platform for business. They include: LinkedIn profile optimization tips LinkedIn Groups strategies Ways to […]

2015 Social Media Site User and Traffic Statistics

Social Media Statistics 2015

As we’ve just started with 2015, here is a summary of the latest figures and announcements of the major social platforms through December. This can help social media marketers to set their priorities in terms of which platforms to focus on. Facebook Statistics 1,39 billion monthly users, including 745 million that connect via mobile devices […]