Online forms can sometimes become a forgotten factor in the sales process. However, marketers and consumers may be surprised at how well they can streamline and manage leads. As customers spend more time interacting with brands online, there needs to be a way to effectively initiate conversation. Online forms act as the first impression of … [Read More…] The 1-2-3 Guide to Nurturing Leads with Online Forms


The success of your business is largely dependent on your ability to do a bit of everything. This is especially true for solopreneurs, but so is the case for managers at companies of all sizes. It’s all too easy to become so focused on one aspect of the business and find yourself unable to dedicate … [Read More…] 6 Powerful Digital Tools for Acquiring More B2B Clients


Automation used to be a wondrous thing. Not anymore. Our bank accounts are debited each month like clockwork for various bills we owe. The operating systems on our computers get automatically updated every few weeks. Hell, we don’t even have to bother with learning how to spell anymore, thanks to autocorrect. In spite of all … [Read More…] How Many of These Hyper-Efficient Marketing Automation Methods Have You Adopted?

Accountants know that a debit entry and a credit entry are two distinctly different and rarely overlapping items. A photographer knows that a macro lens is a dependable choice for extreme close-ups. A chef knows that adding potatoes to an over-salted dish would make it palatable again. Most jobs have a defined set of skills … [Read More…] 6 Essential Usability Skills Every Developer Needs

6 Marketing Ideas Small Business Don't Usually Try (But Can)

Running a small business shouldn’t be difficult. Profiting from small businesses doesn’t have to be a lifetime task that drains your energy and sucks your soul. Yet, for most small businesses owners and management, that’s exactly how it is. It’s taxing, it’s a soul-sucking monster, and it demands more than it cares to give. Running … [Read More…] 6 Marketing Ideas Small Business Don’t Usually Try (But Can)

Reuse your content marketing

Traditional marketing was – and still is – expensive. It’s also a vague shot in the dark, practically speaking. Then came the Internet, bringing online marketing with it. Digital marketing ought to have been inexpensive, practical, and result-oriented. It allows for inbound marketing and other much better ways of marketing. Content marketing changed the way … [Read More…] 4 Creative Ways to Churn, Reuse, and Duplicate Your Content Marketing Efforts