Project Management


Since the Agile Manifesto in 2001, the focus of project management has gradually shifted from the traditional ‘waterfall’ method towards a more adaptive model known as Agile. The agile model is now being used in various departments such as marketing, accounting and HR (apart from the IT department) within a company. So, project managers are … [Read More…] Try These 4 Top Agile Project Management Tools to Keep Your Projects on Track

Email Marketing

In today’s business world, there are a wide variety of marketing strategies to choose from. The expansion of social media and content marketing had little effect on the use of email marketing. In fact, most businesses still utilize email marketing, not only for sales pitches and advertisements but also to build relationships and encourage customer … [Read More…] 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

Travel Consulting


Travel and Tourism contributed close to 10% to world GDP, which is approximately USD 7.2 trillion, in 2015. 1 in 11 jobs in the world is supported by this industry that has grown steadily and is forecasted to grow at a rate of around 4% for the next 10 years. These are impressive figures, considering … [Read More…] Why a Travel Consultancy is an Exciting Business Idea

Gone are the days when marketing through newspaper and radio ads are commonplace. These days, marketing is mostly done through social media for a more effective approach. While it seems that social media offers so many opportunities, there are some mistakes that can also be made too. Here are some common blunders to avoid when … [Read More…] Top Five Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Crafting the best quality story that explains current affairs, news or your business’ opinion on a certain topic is often the easy part of content marketing. The real troubles can find themselves when it comes to outreaching to the press and journalists. Journalists and digital editors receive thousands of emails from businesses and agencies pitching … [Read More…] Four Tips for Effective Journalist Outreach


Where once a career in advertising meant two-martini lunches and easy afternoons bouncing ideas between colleagues, today’s creative environment doesn’t let marketers off that easy. Changes in digital marketing occur nearly every day, and success is a constantly moving target. Google, Facebook and YouTube keep marketers on their toes with new products and weekly — … [Read More…] 5 Critical Tips for Starting Your Digital Marketing Career