The importance of live streaming for marketing on social media cannot be overstated. A few years ago, back when Meerkat and Periscope were competing in Twitter, live streaming was nothing more than an exciting tool that the public was somewhat wary of. All that changed after Twitter decided to block Meerkat’s access to their API … [Read More…] Marketing Tips for Live Streaming on Social Media

Content marketing has become a sexy industry. Everyone wants to get in on the free traffic from Google, craft posts that go viral, become a sought after industry-leader, and make more money. But it’s never as easy as it sounds, especially when the industry is obsessed with fragments of advice that have no depth. The … [Read More…] How to Actually Provide Value on LinkedIn

With 15 million registered businesses that are using Instagram to promote their products, and reach a wider audience, it is clear that this social network is probably the future of marketing and advertising. Since there are so many companies who are competing against each other, brands need to come up with various new strategies that … [Read More…] 10 Myths About Instagram For Business


Developing countries have swiftly progressed into the land of opportunities aplenty. There has been no better time for start-ups to venture into the world of business. Governments are taking every initiative to curb taxes, improve upon existing exit policies and fund innovative entrepreneurs, to elevate their already burgeoning economy. This being said, the adage “If … [Read More…] Thinking Of A Startup? Do It Today – It Is Not Risky

If the terms, like positioning, branding, reputation, goodwill, marketing and a load of other business terminology means a lot to the business, then social media cannot be ignored. With the current social media users at 2.46 billion and expected to grow to 2.77 billion by 2019 as per the estimates of Statista, companies can’t afford … [Read More…] Five Social Media Trends That Will Rock 2018


Visitors’ loyalty is fundamentally defined by the number of times visitors visit a specific website within a particular date range. It is an effective metric for a number of websites that gives companies an insight on whether visitors have a purport to visit their webpage again or to participate in what their webpage has to … [Read More…] 5 New Psychological Techniques to Earn Your Visitors’ Loyalty