6 Key Webinar Attendee and Registration Statistics

Webinar best practices

Webinars can be very powerful marketing tools (which is why so many companies are doing them). When starting out with webinars, there are several areas where people have misconceptions. They include the following: Registrants versus actual webinar attendees: Not every registrant attends your webinar. According to ON24′s research, about 42% of people attend a typical […]

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Sizes

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Types

With Facebook’s proliferation of ad types (and rules), it can be quite confusing for the typical business just getting started. The guide below provides ad sizes, dimensions and other specifications for Facebook’s varied advertising units including: Page Like Ads Page post text Ads Page post photo Ads Event Ads Offer Ads Mobile News Feed Ads […]

8 Examples of Content Marketing in Traditional Industries

8 Examples of Content Marketing in Traditional Industries

Content Marketing is not just for marketing firms or tech companies. More “traditional” companies can take advantage of great content that engages, entertains or informs potential customers and drives some percentage into the company’s sales funnel. To coincide with my hosting of Content Chat, I’m providing a few examples of content marketing in traditional industries. […]

Content Marketing: The 6 Secrets to Contagious Content

content marketing: contagious content

If you’re creating content, it pays to take the time to develop the most contagious content possible. Creating and publishing large amounts of average or below average content (let’s be honest now…) more resembles a dreaded content farm than a compelling well of resources that brings visitors to your site over and over again. Oh, […]

6 Reasons Your Blog Content Won’t Go Viral

Viral blog content

It’s like Deja Vu. I’ve had this same conversation with representatives from a Fortune 500 financial services company, with a B2B industrial lighting distributor and several consumer-facing companies like wineries, restaurants, real estate agents and retailers. It goes like this. Them: We have a blog. We don’t seem to get any traction. Should we continue […]

Restaurant Marketing Trends 2013

Restaurant Marketing Trends

Restaurants are right at the nexus of several key marketing trends. They are all about being social (unless you like to dine alone), they’re local businesses (it’s hard to ship a hamburger), and their customers are passionate about food and love to talk about it. They love to take pictures of their meals and they […]

Are Teenagers Abandoning Facebook? #Infographic

Teens Leaving Facebook

We produced this infographic exploring the recent trends for teenagers related to Facebook and Social Media. We all hear anecdotally about the movement of teens to other (often mobile-centric) Social Media platforms. So what did we discover? For Facebook North American active users numbers are declining The average age of Facebook users has risen from […]

SEO Tutorial: Getting into the Heads of your Ideal Clients


(Note: click the picture for a larger version) I’ve been asked by clients before – can you tell who’s searching online? Can you tell if Procurement Managers for industrial manufacturers are searching for your products? Can you tell that warehouse managers are searching for your products? No, not really. There’s no tool that tells you […]