Revving Up Your Content Engine for Better Content Marketing

Revving Up Your Content Enigine #contentmarketing

Your company’s Content Engine supports your content marketing strategy. Without a repeatable approach to content, your strategy will move too slowly to make significant traction in the market. I was honored to be the featured guest for Atomic Chat on Monday to talk about Content Engines. If you missed it, here are highlights of the […]

5 Keys To Forming New Productivity Habits

Productivity Habit Tips

Rather than fighting to do something each day, turning a good thing into a habit can pay serious dividends personally or professionally – for us as individuals or for a team. In this recent presentation, “Get Into The Habit” there are some valuable tips about turning important tasks into habits, including: Habit turns a task […]

6 Reasons Your Company’s Content Engine is Stalling Out

6 Reasons Your Company’s Content Engine is Stalling Out

Companies across various industries are rushing into the content marketing arena – developing content to spread awareness, to improve “findability” in search, to gain the trust of potential customers, and to extract contact information from prospects in order to initiate an ongoing relationship that will (hopefully) ring the register in the future. The “content engine” […]

7 Steps to Reworking a Broken Blog Post

7 Steps to Reworking a Broken Blog Post

Sometimes you’re halfway (or all the way) through a post and it’s just not working. It may be about the flow – it just seems to be all over the place or going in the wrong direction. In other cases it feels like the post is not really saying anything of value. In any of these […]

The Ultimate Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist (Infographic)

Crowdfunding Checklist

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds for a product, cause or artistic endeavor. But you need to treat the launch of a your crowdfunding project like a major campaign, which means that there are a lot of moving parts. Follow this detailed checklist for your crowdfunding campaign (and don’t forget to see this […]

The Definitive Guide to Crowdfunding Sites (Infographic)

The Definitive Guide to Crowdfunding Sites #Infographic

There are a lot of Crowdfunding sites to choose from. Depending on your goals, industry or “cause”, there may be a particular site that better meets your needs. Wrike has created an infographic with the top crowdfunding sites for various industries including: Non-profits, charities and social activism Small business Creatives, artists and filmmakers Science and […]

26 Niche Crowdfunding Sites to Raise Money for Any Project

26 Niche Crowdfunding Sites

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds for almost any kind of project, cause or event. But not all crowdfunding sites are the same – the rules vary and the success may depend on using a site focused on the right niche. See the crowdfunding sites helow to pick the right site for your […]

Social Media Marketing Go / No Go Decision Tree (Infographic)

Are your social media marketing efforts going to pay off? (infographic)

You’re just about to launch (or are already running) a social media program. Use this decision tree to determine whether you’re doing enough to get a return on your efforts. In this infographic, you’ll find the key ingredients include: Enough patience to allow it to develop A dedicated resource Willingness to share others’ content Willingness […]

Massive Infographic Submission Sites List

Massive List of Infographic Submissin Sites

If you produce infographics, a key element of the distribution process is to submit them to infographics sites. These sites will display your infographic and help your work reach the widest audience possible. Here is a Listly list of Infographics Submission Sites. Make it even larger by submitting relevant sites that you use!

Project Management Essential: Gantt Chart (Infographic)

Project Management Essentials: Gantt Chart Infographic

If you run projects large or small, a key visual tool that you can use to manage your team is called a Gantt chart. Even if you don’t use a specific project management software application, you can use basic office tools to map out your projects in this graphical format. I often used MS Powerpoint to […]