Business Blogging Interview

I was recently interviewed by Media Shower as part of their Expert Interview Program. The topic was business blogging and how it helps companies (or people) to be more successful. Please click here to see the full interview. *********** In addition, here are some of the biggest mistakes I see newer business bloggers do. I’d … [Read More…] Business Blogging for Success & Biggest Mistakes (Interview)


The Internet is full of articles and researches of all kinds, which try to explain what makes the content viral. What you can confidently say is that the content goes viral if it can make people feel that urge to share it with their friends and followers. In this post you will find some not-so-common, … [Read More…] 6 Proven Tips to Help Your Content Get Viral


Proper segmentation of your email list is very important for the success of your marketing campaign. Each individual in your mailing list has their own expectations, problems, needs and interests. For example, people are usually at different levels when it comes to familiarity with your business or brand. While some might need more information about … [Read More…] How to Segment Your Email Marketing List


When you operate a storefront on Main Street or in a mall, getting intimate with your customers is really no big deal. And not just in lingerie stores, either. They walk in and see your staff, and they can even speak with them. Sometimes customers get to know your staff well enough to ask about … [Read More…] How to Get Intimate with your Online Customers


These days, companies and teams are forced to collaborate and work together remotely. So many businesses have employees working in distributed groups, people working from home and the client from all over the world. All these make it essential for businesses to collaborate, not only with team members but also with clients, stakeholder and vendors. … [Read More…] 4 Great Collaborative Project Management Tools for Your Team


Social media is a very powerful tool that companies can utilize to connect with their audience and grow their business. But in order for social media use to be successful, a social media plan must be in place. A social media plan must stem from a strategic analysis of your company and your social media … [Read More…] How to Conduct a Social Media Analysis in 7 Steps