Of the many technological advancements that we see today, perhaps one of the most anticipated is the AIRA technologies, which stand for Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and Automation technologies. This is because Artificial Intelligence seems to be quite promising in terms of better processing tasks with very little error statistics. With Artificial Intelligence and automation technologies … [Read More…] The Inbound Lead Generation Checklist


Unfortunately, most B2B small-startup owners have to learn the hard way: although it may be easier to land business with cheap rates, it has a couple of major downfalls: People who want “cheap” are also usually the most difficult customers, and they burden your resources. By providing cheap services, you are going to need to … [Read More…] 3 Twitter Methods for Startups to Get Better Paying B2B Clients

You need a content strategy brush up. No, really, even if you think your strategy is airtight, you are probably lacking in one primary area: you aren’t customer-centric enough. What is Data-Driven Content? Anyone who has worked with content in the last several years is probably well acquainted with the data-driven method of planning and … [Read More…] Customer-Centric Content Strategy and Data-Driven Content Strategy: How to Combine Both

Being productive for the year is essential for any busy entrepreneur. There are apps and other tools and resources that they’re able to use to help them boost their productivity and also be more efficient in everything that they do. Knowing these apps have saved a lot of time and effort in the process of … [Read More…] Make Your Business Hassle Free With These 8 Productive Apps In 2018

You may think you have your email marketing strategy down to a tee. However, there are plenty of brands still falling at the first hurdle and making simple mistakes. When you send out an email, you have one chance to impress that recipient and as most other businesses are doing the same thing, competition is … [Read More…] 7 Mistakes You’re Making With Email Marketing


A brand represents the promise that your company makes to your valuable customers. So, it is imperative that you build it thoughtfully and consciously. A successful brand can never be established by simply uploading a startling logo and writing a few catchy lines on social media platforms. It requires investing a lot of time and … [Read More…] Avoiding Branding Mistakes That Could Be The Final Nail In The Coffin