Everyone wants their blog to be read by the masses. However, with around two million posts being published every day, this is no trivial task. While you may have just written the most articulate piece internet has ever seen, very few people will know it exists if it isn’t optimized for visibility on the search engines. … [Read More…] 4 SEO Tips to Draw in Higher Traffic to Your Blogs


Small businesses constantly face significant challenges that come with limited resources and a lower annual income. To remain competitive with larger enterprises, knowing how to allocate resources strategically is crucial. As a small business, you need to strive to do more with less. Modern marketing enables small businesses to achieve more even with limited means. Technological … [Read More…] 5 Steps To Start Automating the Marketing Processes of Your Small Business


In this modern era, a lot of customers have migrated to e-Commerce facilities. You will come across thousands of millions of online shoppers. All these users are your potential customers. Unfortunately, a considerable number of customers feel disconnected from the brand. They claim that answers to all their questions are offered late. If you want … [Read More…] Reasons Why Live Chat Support Can Replace Emails and Phone Calls


What has been dubbed as “the next industrial revolution”, or Industry 4.0, is just around the corner. It is predicted that around 125 billion devices and ‘things’ will be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) by the year 2030. This major technological upgrade is big, really big. And for businesses to survive in the … [Read More…] 6 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Digital Marketing

Facebook has grown exponentially in the last couple of years and if we talk specifically about its progress since the very first quarter of 2016, it has managed to get a little more than one-and-a-half billion users. This is a truly overwhelming feat, making it a giant in the internet world. Since there are roughly … [Read More…] 5 Ways To Crack Facebook’s Algorithm in 2018


We’ve all seen the clunky headsets and less-than-realistic virtual reality imagery in films, but VR and AR have come along in leaps and bounds since the 80’s film Tron. Nowadays, both consumers and businesses are reaping the benefits of this cutting-edge technology. The popularity and applications of virtual reality connectivity stretch far beyond the realms … [Read More…] 5 Reasons That VR & AR Are Going To Be Game Changers