Social media marketing has been at the forefront of many digital marketing strategies since it’s rise in the early 21st century. That’s unsurprising considering 75% of businesses feel that their social media marketing efforts have increased their traffic. Year on year, the social media marketing landscape changes dramatically, not needless because of the ever-changing algorithms … [Read More…] Why Dark Social is Distorting Your Social Media Data

Being a manager implies setting goals and figuring out steps towards their achievement. One of the greatest obstacles on this way is losing the balance between the amount of freedom your employees use in order to talk about work-related issues and the force field around you. Here are 5 things happening every day and little … [Read More…] 5 Things You Do To Kill Your Teams’ Motivation

You’ve worked hard to produce great content and designed a stunning blog that provides an amazing user experience. You’ve added various opt-in forms and CTAs all over your blog hoping to turn your readers into subscribers. But it just doesn’t work. Why does it happen? It can be frustrating to invest in various opt-in tools … [Read More…] 7 Email Opt-In Mistakes To Avoid On Your Blog


Technology pushes. It pushes everything. From new data science innovations to fintech, to augmented and virtual reality, technology disrupts how we buy, how we do research, and how we experience all that the web has to offer. And with each innovation in technology, web developers must scramble to add those innovations to the experiences that … [Read More…] 2018 Is On Its Way – What’s in Store for Web Development?


The idea of leaving the 9-to-5 lifestyle behind and venturing out as a solopreneur is becoming an increasingly popular avenue for many. In 2015, the independent workforce of freelancers and solopreneurs grew by 12%, with over 18 million workers becoming solopreneurs in some way or form. In order to get your name out there as … [Read More…] How to Strategically Market Your Solopreneurship Endeavor

Local SEO

Attracting new patrons is vital for every business, despite its type and niche. As customers find local businesses more convenient and reliable, it is important for every business owner to attract local clients. In order to accomplish the task, Google allows business people to make use of two important free-to-use tools, Google My Business and … [Read More…] What is Google My Business and How Google Places Optimization Can Help a Business Get Local Customers